Bugabira primary school is located in rural Mukungwe Sub county of Masaka District, Uganda.  The school was established in 2012 by graduate Uganda youths who all at some point were school drop outs during their upbringing. The vision to establish this school was developed even as these youths were supported by kind people to resume school till they completed university. The passion to help other needy children is the driving force behind this establishment.

 Currently the school supports 280 orphaned, vulnerable and extremely needy children   from all walks of life, mainly residents of  Masaka, Bukomansimbi, Rakai, Lyantonde, Lwengo and Sembabule Districts, which are the catchment areas for the Masaka Marathon. Since 1980, these districts   have been strongly hit hard by the HIV epidemic with a high HIV prevalence rate of 10%, compared to the national average of 6.4%. Other children   come from   areas that harbor fishing communities including; Bukakata, Namirembe, Dimo, and Kalangala  that have an HIV prevalence rate of about 9% and where HIV among sex workers is as high as 37%.


Suubi S.S Lubanda was started in 2015 with just one class (S1) with a dream to provide quality and integrated education in the rural village of Lubanda, Kisekka Sub-county, Lwengo District in Uganda. There after each year one class of the lower secondary level is being added and now the school has four classes standing (S1-S4). The School is part of Suubi Centre Complex founded by Ssemwogerere David in 2008.

Suubi Secondary School also equips the students with a variety of vocational skills ranging from carpentry, building, tailoring, Knitting, Metal works, crafts making and agriculture. The school believes that these skills will enable the students be self-reliant in future should they fail to reach University given that money is scarce in our area.


This school was founded in 1987. It is a catholic founded school committed to teaching children through primary school. The school has been progressing in performance and now one of the better performing schools in Masaka Municipality and at this time s per now, we have 650 kids and 15 government teachers and 12 private teachers.

Hope all the kids have the capacity to perform well due to the support of teachers in different trainings.


In 2012 St.Antony Lwannunda Childare opened doors. It’s the first and only nursery school in the community.  In Masaka it is difficult to find access public preschools so it was left in the hands of private investors who are mostly only willing to start them in towns where parents and guardians can afford to pay fees. Being located in a rural and remote area meant no one would pick interest in starting a preschool in a poor community where people couldn’t afford the high fees charged in many preschools.

This was the calling of a community based organization called Lwannunda Childcare Foundation which started to bring together concerned community members to mobilize community resources and support from friends to see how the community can have a preschool. To date it is running on cost sharing, paying in kind and many initiatives have been set up to enable run the preschool hence enabling community kids have nursery education.


This institution begun as sheltered workshop training mostly in crafts till the year 2000. Masaka Vocational and Rehabilitation Training Centre (MVRC) is now a Masaka Local Government owned institution with a skills training and rehabilitation Centre.

The skills offered include computer skills, leather works, metal works, agriculture, carpentry and daily living skills.

Currently the center is still growing and hopes to boost numbers of tools, training materials, staff members and challenges of utility bills to mention few.


Women need all the empowerment that society can give hence their issues being under the spotlight. The global issues now need to be handled and women in masaka are doing this through providing handmade sanitary towel/pads for the vulnerable that cannot afford to purchase.  Donations are made by this group to schools and the women’s prison in Masaka district. We have been able to support this group develop this program into a fully functioning sustainable factory that can not only donate out but can also train and employ women to do this for the good of all. The future is bright for women Soroptimists because they are needed in many regions to empower fellow women and make a difference in lives of many.


House of Love and Hope for Uganda is situated in Ssaaza, about five minutes from the Athletes’ Village. They work with several schools in the area, some situated right along the marathon course. This organisation works to make sure that no children go hungry at school, by providing free school meals to disadvantaged pupils.

As of May 2016, 8 out 10 children who attended school in Ssaaza did not eat school lunches. Malnutrition affects children health, physical development, and their ability to learn. Last year, the marathon runners supported HoLaH by funding a fresh water well at St Joseph Primary School, this has since made water bill savings that have enabled the school to support 15 children with school meals every day.

This year, we want to build on this success with more sustainable programs!


CHEDRA has been a partner of the Uganda International Marathon from its very onset and the organisation does incredible work with its vision “To see a prosperous and healthy community in southern Uganda.” With a focus on HIV prevention, CHEDRA looks at elements that affect those infected and affected by HIV.

A major issue that falls under this category is that, as parents are taken by HIV/AIDS, children are forced to drop out of school. Not only does this cause high unemployment rates, but children who have had to drop out of school are more vulnerable to young pregnancy, child marriage and contracting STI’s.

CHEDRA are looking to create a sustainable income generator that will give opportunities to vulnerable youth community members, and with 52% of the Masaka population being classed as a youth it’s a big task!


HURIDEM is led by the very tenacious Shifa, who demands respect from the authorities of Masaka through her non-corruptible and fierce attitude towards injustice and its removal from the community.

With a broad spread of volunteers, HURIDEM operates out of a humble office where people come to report any cases of human rights violations. On average, the group receives 2 cases a day that can range anywhere from rape to land grabbing. The Uganda Marathon runners in 2017 supported HURIDEM with a sustainable poultry farm that is set to cover all the running costs of the organisation’s office. However, there is a great deal of outreach work conducted by HURIDEM as their team of volunteers seek statements and evidence to build cases for the vulnerable victims, counteracting the inadequate police service and helping them to receive justice.


With a catchment area serving young people and babies aged between 1-30 years of age, YWAV have set themselves the challenge of reaching out to nearly 75% of the population of Masaka Region. They target unemployed, orphaned, disabled and illiterate individuals, the majority of whom depend on less than 75p a day, a tiny amount that clearly doesn’t allow for schooling costs and traps people into a cycle of poverty.

Over the past 3 years, Uganda Marathon runners have been fundraising for YWAV and have been able to support 39 youths to gain employment and start their own businesses through a microfinance scheme. YWAV also support young and vulnerable children through foster home programs, taking in babies and young children who otherwise would be homeless.

All This amazing work comes out of the love and huge hearts of John Mugabe and his wife Josephine Mugabe who on their own cater for 7 foster children!

John & Josephine Mugabe who run the Youth With a Vision project


RUCID is an organisation that works with rural unemployed youth, helping to develop the skills and provide start-up capital for driven young people to stand on their own. Working with 24 youth groups, RUCID has been working within a limited budget, but with a lot of success. This year, they saw 10 youth members gain employment after completing their apprenticeships in car and motor cycle repair – 6 young women and 4 young men respectively now can now thank RUCID’s for their new life. This is however, is a small percentage of the 424 youths that they work with, so we want to help them grow!

This will be the Uganda Marathon’s 2nd year of working with RUCID. Since the last event, we have seen the development of a piggery program that, despite only being launched in October, is already providing quality training for local youths to learn lucrative farming and business skills.


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